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Jenatsch is an example of the sort of quasi-surreal world that Daniel Schmid's film create, in which things happen outside reality but with a clear (and often romantic) logic.

Production: Theres Scherrer, George Reinhardt, Limbo Film
Director: Martin Suter and Daniel Schmid
Screenplay: Martin Suter
Photography: Renato Berta
Sound: Luc Yersin
Art director: Raúl Gimenez
Make-up: Thomas Nellen
Costumes: Marianne Milani
Music: Pino Donaggio
Editing: Daniela Roderer
Cast: Michel Volta, Christine Boisson, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Laura Betti, Carole Bouquet, Jean Bouise, Raúl Gimenez
A spooky, absorbing chiller that is also an inquiry into the nature of truth, 'JENATSCH' blends elements of Rod Serling's "TWILIGHT ZONE", Jorge Luis Borges's metaphysical parables, and Chris Marker's time-loop tale 'LA JETEE'. A journalist is assigned to interview an eccentric anthropologist who has exhumed the skeleton of Jörg Jenatsch, a revered freedom fighter who was mysteriously murdered in 1639. Initially disinterested, the journalist begins to uncover unflattering truths about the national hero and experiences visions in which he seems to be witnessing events that transpired over 300 years ago. As he obsessively pursues the investigation, his personal life and his grip on reality disintegrate, drawing him relentlessly toward the fatal carnival at which Jenatsch was killed.
Martin Rubin, Chicago